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Howie Bartz

A summa cum laude graduate of Daemen College in Amherst, NY, Howie Bartz began his professional career as a Physical Therapist.  His career in Physical Therapy rapidly developed into owning and operating multiple Physical Therapy clinics specializing in orthopedic and spinal rehabilitation.


 Q: Why did you create Bartz Bracing Systems?

Howie Bartz: Bartz Bracing Systems was a created based on my clinical experience as a physical therapist. We sought to create a unique line of braces and products. Often times, patients would have ailments where surgery wasn't necessarily the best path forward. We developed a line of braces that specifically target reducing pressure on spinal, knee, and neck joints and set goals of reducing pain and getting patients back to their Activities of Daily Living.  

Q: How specifically does BBS help patients?  

Howie Bartz: First we recognize that not all patients are the same and have different body types and different pathology. With that being said we offer multiple lines of bracing and products. We integrate a unique patent pending pulley system that differentiates our brace from others on the market. This pulley system will help create a distraction of the lumber spine and therefore alleviate pressure on the spinal joints and discs. Currently we offer 3 BBS options for the lumbar spine, each with a different design and targeted at a specific patient population.  

Q: Who is the ideal candidate for Bartz Bracing Systems products?  

Howie Bartz: We effectively treat patients with a wide range of diagnoses. Most of our patients are those that are trying to avoid surgery or other invasive procedures. Our products are conservative treatments and are often used as a bridge to get patients back to their normal activities. If patients are suffering from pain they will be restricted in their activities. This will in turn lead to a sedentary life style and often weight gain. Weight gain will in turn add more pressure on a patients joints, especially the back and knees. This is a vicious cycle and can lead to true debilitation and our products are geared to break this cycle and keep patients doing the things they love.